Chaudhry Hospital Gujranwala  is an excellent training hospital with superior methodical proficiencies, healthy enduring mind military, and alarming society relatives. These character and the fanatical employees who carry them are accurately what raise chaudhry hospital’s status. The product is a knowledge situation engrossed in explore, tutoring, society, and modernization—tablets of the chief regulate.

Chaudhary Hospital Gujranwala  is also characterize by having checkup clinicians who are contented operational with many additional specialist in an interdisciplinary, team-based situation. knowledge and relieve with this stage of partnership allows employees to attach the influential contact of three separate but consistent mission: investigate, schooling, and enduring mind. Chaudhry Hospital Gujranwala  produce of this communication is establish in not simply how clinicians educate but also how they apply. certainly, all of Strong’s employees is dedicated to constantly deliver a tall excellence patient knowledge. This include operational to construct partnerships with patients and their families down with identify habits to authorize patients with in order and the tackle they require to make educated decision about their strength mind.




Address: 28-D Satellite Town Circular Road – Gujranwala
Phone: : 055 3735211,055 3735311,055 3253901
Fax: 055 3253903
Email: [email protected]


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