The City School Gujranwala Campus

The City School Gujranwala Preface:

while the concern of The City School Gujranwala in 1978, the TCS graduates society has seen an exponential increase.  During Pakistan and all more than the world, TCS graduates are creation significant aid to the societies they exist in. The City School Gujranwala recognizes the TCS graduates society as a extremely precious benefit, as it is the expression of the city school Gujranwala’s brilliance and skill

Access Vital in Order The City School Gujranwala


  • novel admissions are full in March.
  • No entrance is decided in any of the kindling after 30 August.
  • The educational sitting begins in August/September.
  • every educational sitting consists of two conditions.
  • yearly exams are conducted in June.
  • Co-education is accessible crossways the system while all girls/boys campus are obtainable in some locations/city.
  • of our schools and their contact information.

Contact Us:

Adress: the city school , Pindi by pass near hotel royal garden . Gujranwala .
05520 Gujranwala
 Phone: (055) 3892476

Map & Location

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