Concordia college Gujranwala Campus

Introduction Concordia college of Gujranwala

  • Entrance is decided severely on good point.
  • Entrance is decided in agreement with the system and rules as sound as the universal method and events of Concordia Colleges Gujranwala.
  • Gujranwala Concordia College establishment can refuse some candidate’s request for entrance on foundation of incorrect quality or behavior.
  • Gujranwala Concordia College establishment have the correct to stop the entrance of a applicant at any step if it is exposed that the ID accessible are false, or there is a misstatement or an fault in the ID that may involve the good point location of the applicant.


  • Concordia College of Gujranwala In Students getting scholarships have to continue:
  • 75% or improved attending at ALL period in each group in Concordia college of Gujranwala
  • Concordia College in Gujranwala 75% or improved scores on magazine tests and spoof and pre-board exams
  • A proof of superior regulation in Concordia College of Gujranwala

Entry chuck for O point/comparable Examinations in Concordia College of Gujranwala

Concordia College of Gujranwala Students who have approved the O position/comparable examinations (i.e. not starting a center of in-between and minor teaching in Pakistan) spirit be admitted on the foundation of their O stage/corresponding examination effect. Concordia College of Gujranwala in value will be resolute after converting their O stage/corresponding grades according to the next method:

A*= 90 marks            A = 85 marks             B =  75 marks

C = 65 marks             D =  55 marks            E = 45 marks

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