Super Asia Group Gujranwala



Super Asia grouping was found in 1975 by Mian Muhammad Din on an extremely little stage. Nowadays, it is a corporation of company with diversifies variety of businesses mostly Home appliance, automobile, lagging and stuffing resources and Fast Food Burger sequence of “Hardees” (a brand name of CKE Int. USA), portion each division of civilization.

The collection of super asia has turn out to be identical with excellence, novelty, and client happiness. The business of Super asia has a physically powerful marketplace divide as its Washing Machines, Room Air Coolers, Gas & Electric Water Heaters and Fans are position in the middle of the top producer of the country.

The product name “Super Asia” is a glowing documented, appreciated and expectation; not only crossways Pakistan other than in many other countries crossways the sphere anywhere its crop are life form sell overseas. The Group of Super Asia is too considerably causal to the communal glowing organism of the culture. Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital and Gujranwala Liver charity are examples.


Company name:      Super Asia Gujranwala

Address Deen Plaza, Grand Trunk Rd, Gujranwala 52250
Ph: (055) 4272803



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