Introduction Govt. Post Graduate College of Commerce Grw (GCC GRW)

Introduction Govt. Post Graduate College of Commerce Grw  (GCC GRW)

Govt. Post Graduate College of Commerce, Peoples Colony, and Gujranwala come into survival of as Govt. Inter College of business in 1968 as the first institute for the foreword of Commerce Education in Gujranwala Division.  Since such it enjoys the lead the way status in the meadow of Commerce Education.  Because it’s beginning it has been depiction the commendable armed forces for the endorsement of Commerce Education.  It has been produce accountants, Bankers, auditor etc. who are performing arts their duties in banks, manufacturing concerns, profitable enterprises and dissimilar business.

Gujranwala life form a business city necessary an organization to get together the still rising needs of dissimilar marketable organizations.  So the College was upgrade at Degree lien opposition to and B. Com classes were started in this College in 1986.  It was an epoch creation pace as it facilitates an easy move toward to Commerce Education for the student of the Gujranwala city as healthy as its nearby areas.  Its devoted and devoted employees and administration have been working industriously.

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Address: Govt. P/G College of Commerce W- Block Peoples Colony Gujranwala

Principal Office: 055-9230023

Administration Office: 055-9230028

Email: [email protected]



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