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Sundas Foundation the majority of the blood transfused in Pakistan, apart from in few places, is derived from donors who are not selected to keep out high- risk groups and not in the majority cases monitored for hepatitis and HIV. Sundas Foundation Gujranwala is implicit that a large majority of blood transfusion are potentially dangerous. At the same time, apart from human being efforts made by some members of the health line of work, there is little proof that a clinicians and public at large are benign adequately aware of the dangers of intrinsic blood transfusions. The public sector services are insufficient to meet the huge demands whereas private sector facilities, usually available only in large cities, charge exorbitantly. Another facet of the problem is the rampant commercialism of free private blood banks. The questions regarding quality of blood and blood products are serious ones, and apply equally to the public, personally and the NGO sector services.

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Name Sundas Foundation Gujranwala
Branch 1 Near O.P.D Centre D.H.Q Hospital, Gujranwala.
Branch 2 2. Street No. 5, Allama Iqbal Colony,
Jinnah Road, Opp. Model Town Gravyard, Gujranwala.
Mob. 0300-8410456
Ph. 04237422131-132
Email [email protected]

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